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[ M A S T E R L I S T ]

A huge thanks to the very kind[info]makutz_08 for helping me tabulate this list

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[DIGITAL SINGLE] Mad Clown - Luv Sickness

Release Date:
October 22, 2008
Language: Korean
Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap
Artist: Male Group


01. Luv Sickness (feat. Jungigo a.k.a Cubic)
02. Strike The Gold (feat. The Quiett)
03. Flowdown (feat. 화나 & 탁 Of 배치기)
04. Mad Clown (Rugged Mix)
05. Luv Sickness (Inst.)
06. Flowdown (Inst.)

[Listen to Track 1]

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Release Date: October 24, 2008
Language: Korean
Genre: Electronica
Artist: Mixed Group


01. Electronics
02. Flea
03. Beat in Love
04. Color
05. Night Stage
06. Creator
07. Beautiful Stranger(Sliced Cheese Remix)
08. Beat in Love(Nakata Remix)

[Listen to Track 2]

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[ALBUM] BIGBANG - Number 1

Release Date: October 22, 2008
Language: English / Japanese / Korean
Genre: Pop
Artist: Male Group


01. Intro
02. Number 1
03. Make Love
04. Come Be My Lady
05. Haru Haru
06. With U
07. How Gee
08. Baby Baby
09. So Beautiful
10. Remember
11. Heaven
12. Everything
13. Always
14. Candle

[Listen to Track 14] 

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[ALBUM] Belle Epoque - Vol. 1 Sundays

A huge thanks and credits to x_shinigami_x for uploading and sharing this album!

Release Date: June 17, 2008
Language: Korean
Genre: Indie Rock
Artist: Female

01. 뷰파인더 세상
02. 5월의 후유증
03. 크림샤워
04. 별의 속삭임
05. Vacation
06. 금단 (禁斷)
07. Cafe Siesta (feat. E.P Ho)
08. 아직은
09. 나와 같은 너
10. December (Album Ver.)
11. 달에 숨다
12. 4월 아침
13. 계절의 끝
[Listen to Track 7]

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